3 Day Training

3 Day Training

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M.A.M.I's 3 Day Training Course covers our full range of products.

It is a 3 day training course that will cover the following:

  •  Day 1 - Product Training: Transmitters, Receivers, Alarm Panels, Monitoring Equipment, Detectors, GSM, CCTV, Biometrics, Trova.
  • Day 2 - Radio Frequency: Antennas, Frequency/Wavelength, Loss/Gain, Reflected Power, SWR, Repeaters, Lock On, Base Stations, Control Room.
  • Day 3 - Installation: Installation & Programming of MAMI panels.

Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a Certificate stating that you are a qualified M.A.M.I installer.

NOTE: The R1035 is per person per 3 day training course. If you have 3 people you would like to send for the training then it will be R1035 x 3