Trova A5 - Vehicle Tracker
Trova A5 - Vehicle Tracker

Trova A5 - Vehicle Tracker

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Vehicle tracker with 2 inputs & relay output

Although the tracker can be connected to the battery or ignition of the vehicle it has a small internal battery which can last 3 hours.

An SOS button can be connected to the tracker and when pressed will notify the pre-programmed numbers via SMS or send out emails.

The A5 is equipped with a relay output function to immobilize or cut fuel.

The external microphone port allows pre-programmed numbers to call in and listen.

There is an option to use your own SIM card or make use of the M.A.M.I. tracking SIM system where you never need to worry about running out of airtime.

Depending on the option you choose, with the original purchase of the A5 with your own sim card the price includes 1 Year domain rental, thereafter there is a fee of R227 per year.