Trovacam VC02 - 3G GPS Tracking Dash Camera
Trovacam VC02 - 3G GPS Tracking Dash Camera

Trovacam VC02 - 3G GPS Tracking Dash Camera

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TrovaCAM2 - 3G GPS Tracking Dash Camera

The TrovaCAM2 is a crucial tool for ensuring safety on the road. With clear 1080P HD video, recording at 30 frames per second, on a wide-angle 140-degree lens, the TrovaCAM2 is able to get every detail. It will automatically detect collisions and save those video files for later so you don’t lose them. For anyone who spends a fair amount of time traveling on the road, it’s a must-have product.

  • Amazing viewing and recording with two cameras (front and inward facing) front facing camera recording video at 1080p and inward facing camera recording at 720P
  • Support for SD card with up to 32GB capacity
  • Crystal clear footage day or night for hours on end without needing to overlap old video
  • Snapshot & Video Recording - Send photo and video of detected event
  • Free cloud storage - Uploading video to Cloud with TF card supported. Keep 7 days of motion and sound triggered recordings for free.
  • Night Vision - Capture detailed black and white infrared video in complete darkness
  • Built-in G-sensor to automatically record footage in the instance of a damaging accident
  • It is also well regarded for its resistance to high heat or extreme cold, so you won’t have to worry about frying your new device on the windshield